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National Association of Federal Air Marshals
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Welcome Fellow FAMs:

Happy with how you are being treated? Wish there was an organization that would give voice to your concerns about problems that are facing you? Would you be interested in starting such an organization?

If so maybe we should start such an organization. I know what your thinking..."I'm not going to be the first because Quinn will have me fired!!", hay we thought that too. That's why we are going to initially try and do this on the QT. Emails only no names unless you want to include yours. If the response is great enough then we'll go public and start an actual living breathing association. We need about 200 FAMs willing to join before we would actually start it.

If you are interested in doing this, please send an Email to Once again no names but it would help if you included your Field Office.

Hay we can keep bitching individually about what is being done or we can get together and speak with one unified voice.

Last Edited: 8/15/02